“ From the very first moment I got onto Tanja’s table, my body knew I was in good hands. Tanja’s presence with me and my body, coupled with her deep training and knowledge, inspired my body/mind to trust her such that I had a rather large release that first time. And then pretty much every time I worked with her after that as well, opening up a path for a healing process that felt long-overdue and stuck until I got to work with her. I am eternally grateful for her heart and her intelligence, and would highly recommend her to anyone. Infinite blessings,
Elise, Yoga Instructor


“Can’t thank her enough. I couldn’t chew or bite solid food for weeks because of a bulging disk in my neck. It gave me tremendous neck pain and arm numbness. After one session, I was able to chew again. We are now exploring the underlying issues of physical and emotional trauma.
Chris, Sales


“ Periodically throughout my pregnancy I came to see Tanja for my aches and discomfort. A week prior to giving birth, my baby was in a breech position. With Tanja’s help, the baby turned and I was able to give birth naturally.
Chanda, Administrator


“I suffer from severe symptoms due to CFS/MCS/EMF and struggle to maintain daily life. With Tanja’s help we explored and are now able to treat the underlying issues of decade old physical injury and emotional trauma.
Leila, Homemaker


“You are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for the craniosacral session yesterday. I feel so much better! You are magic! Yes, I know it’s science and all perfectly explainable, so I will just say that with your skill, knowledge and natural healing gifts – it all adds up to some kind of Scientific Magic and I love feeling better!! Thank you.
Nancy, Writer/Hypnotherapist


“My name is Samantha, and I would like to testify to the wonderful work that craniosacral therapy and their wonderful therapists can accomplish. Just this last year I was finishing my senior year in college. Early on in the school year, I was diagnosed with mono, and instead of the usual couple months that it takes to recuperate, by Christmas break I was very seriously falling apart. Over that break, I was so sick that I spent it thinking I would not be returning to school. When it was suggested that the mono may have reactivated my Lyme’s disease, I started treating that and felt some better. I returned to school at the last minute on the condition that I would be treated by a craniosacral therapist throughout the semester.

A couple weeks later I found Tanja, who ended up being a saving grace for me during those next couple months. I am convinced that I would not have graduated on time if I hadn’t had Tanja there with me every step of the way, treating me every two weeks or whenever I felt particularly bad. Craniosacral therapy is such an incredible gift that I don’t know how more people do not know of it and use it for their benefit. It cannot be expected to cure everything, but it allows the body to self-heal and perfects the body’s ability to function. It is such a gentle and cleansing therapy that even my overly sensitive body at the time could handle the sessions. I could tell when my time to see Tanja came, because I began to feel incredibly exhausted and fatigued. Then Tanja would see me, and I would feel lifted up again for another couple weeks. It was a long and arduous semester, but I know that it would have been impossible if I had not had Tanja’s constant help and support.
I graduated in May after months of hard work feeling better than I did after several weeks of complete rest from Christmas break. Tanja is an extremely capable and caring therapist, who is open and very responsive to particular needs. I am convinced that she was sent to me as a guardian angel, and I will always be grateful for all the help she has given me!
Samantha, College Graduate


Thank you for all your help and health guidance! I came to you for assistance with many symptoms I was experiencing from car accidents that had occurred over the past year. Multiple areas in the back, primarily neck, bilateral shoulder, right rib, and low back pains. I was also experiencing great deals of stress due to the job I was holding at that time. I had never received CranioSacral Therapy before, even though I had practiced as a Doctor of Chiropractic for 10 years.
Your treatments brought me through my pain and helped me restore normal activity and live a pain free life again. You discovered other soft tissue restrictions in my liver, right lung, and spleen, that had never been addressed. You also encouraged me to meditate and learn to release my daily stresses, which was another impactful treatment that still helps me to this day.
I will continue to utilize your treatments when needed and strongly encourage any future clients to try this technique with you. Through the release and treatment of these soft tissues that were locked up and not functioning properly, I feel like myself again! Thank you!
Kristin, Doctor of Chiropractic & Assistive Technology Professional


I sought your help because my menstrual cycle was off and my husband and I were talking about getting pregnant. So I wanted to make my body healthier and ready to have a baby. Now My cycle is back on and I feel that my body is ready to get pregnant! I chose you because I knew your passion for body work and I could speak to you all my concerns freely. I wanted someone who is a good listener and is not judgmental.
Ai, Massage Therapist


I sought out craniosacral therapy treatment from Tanja because I was having some overall health issues. Tanja has very good technical skills, which I found to be invaluable. She used both craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation techniques to address my concerns. I noticed a positive difference in my health over the course of several months. I highly recommend her services.
Michaela, Occupational Therapist


Thank you so much for removing my daughter’s(9 y.o.a) headaches. She hasn’t had a bad headache for weeks and not even a small one for a week.
Bettina, Bachflower Practitioner (www.bachflower.com)


When I met Tanja, I had a hard time passing a board exam because I had dyslexia and migraine headaches. I asked her if she could help me with my brain. After 6 sessions, my headaches were gone and I could see more clearly with greater depth. I passed my board exam and my life changed completely for the better!
Lila, Licensed Acupuncturist


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Germany in 2006. I had surgery, followed by immediate rehab and 12 sessions of CranioSacral over 3 weeks. I refused chemotherapy and it was the best thing I could have done. By most medical accounts, I experienced a speedy recovery. All I had to do is return for maintenance appointments to manage pain in my lumbar area twice a year. When I toured the U.S., my lower back began to hurt again. I single treatment with my daughter and I felt better than ever for months.
Juergen, Retired Engineer


CranioSacral is new to me. I was willing to try anything because the pain in my left shoulder was so devastating, I could not raise my left arm beyond my elbow. I thought it was a muscle pull from working out, but it never healed weeks after I stopped.
My first experience was so gentle, I admittedly wondered what this treatment could do to help me. I was told I fell asleep almost immediately during the treatment, and visceral manipulation was used to relocate organs in my right abdominal area. What another professional could not identify, Tanja was able to locate and adjust. A week later, I had 70% range of motion and getting better daily.
David, Mediator


My infant son Maddox was born with tongue-tie and mild Torticollis, leading to breast feeding complications. His tongue was laser clipped at 7 days old. Our lactation consultant recommended Tanja for treatment and a swift recovery. Maddox was only 10 days old when Tanja treated Maddox with 2 sessions of CranioSacral at age 10 and 13 days old. By the 28th day, Maddox’s tongue was sticking out all the way and his neck was much more relaxed.
Nicole, Health Advocate

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